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“The way I see it, my work is about a lot more than practicing law. Every day, I get to sit down with real people, learn about their lives, and ultimately support them during a difficult time. I love forming personal connections with my clients and remaining in close contact long after their case is resolved.”

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Over a decade of experience representing clients who are looking for honest, trustworthy legal representation. I treat our clients like family and am proud to have earned my reputation.

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You’re a person, not a case number.  Get effective representation with the personal touch and understanding.   Don’t get lost in the big advertising mills.  Call to connect and have your story told.

Personal Injury

Do not delay in retaining counsel if you have been injured in a car accident. You need to protect your rights.

Criminal Defense

Good criminal defense attorneys try cases when appropriate. Attorney Sargent will be there. Don’t retain one without asking the important questions.

DUI Defense

Even those who plea out know they are getting a much better outcome through competent representation. Don’t get caught thinking the prosecutor’s plea offer is the only option.

Attorney Sargent promises a straightforward assessment of your case.

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Attorney Sargent is ready to assist with your questions concerning your personal injury matter, your DUI, or criminal defense case. From car accidents to criminal defense, Attorney Sargent is a trusted Northern Colorado lawyer, counselor, and resource.